UT-Alabama racks up highest rating since 2006 BCS title game

It's not much of a surprise that a national championship game involving traditional powers Alabama and Texas would have wide spectator appeal.

Last week's game between the Crimson Tide and Longhorns was the most-viewed BCS title game since 2006. In that game, the Longhorns and USC played for the national championship.

An average of 19,730,000 households were tuned in, based on a 17.2 rating. Those numbers represent an increase of 9 percent over last year’s Oklahoma-Florida matchup (18,117,000 homes, 15.8 rating). The increase for viewers was 15 percent, from 26,778,000 people to 30,776,000.

The game generated ABC’s biggest Thursday night audience since Oct. 26, 1995, and was the biggest audience for any television network in nearly a year, since ABC’s presentation of the Academy Awards on Feb. 22, 2009.