Vintage Texas-OU game on ESPN Classic

Sorry for the short notice, but there's some programming I think that many of you would find entertaining coming up on ESPN Classic.

Especially for those of you already undergoing college football withdrawal after five days since the end of the season.

You might want to tune in at noon ET today for a chance to watch the 1969 Texas-Oklahoma game from the Cotton Bowl.

It's interesting for a lot of reasons. I love to watch the broadcasts from that era and compare them to the games of today.

You won't receive the crisp camera angles from today, but it's something that still should be entertaining.

It's a classic Texas team with quarterback James Street running the triple-option offense. Oklahoma counters with Steve Owens, who would win the Heisman Trophy later that year.

I'm not going to give away the final result. You need to tune in to check it out.

But you'll enjoy the broadcast, trust me.