Stoops' winning streak dotted by few upsets

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

ESPN analyst Lee Corso loves to assign his most important statistical nuggets with a blue marker to indicate their significance. I'm sure Corso saw Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops' 59-2 home record and nation-best 23-game winning streak and started reaching for the blue marker in an almost reflexive motion.

There's no doubt that Stoops' home record and winning streak are impressive. But upon closer examination, it isn't really that daunting as the Sooners have been favored for almost game during the streak or in his home games.

The only time that the Sooners have been underdogs when Stoops was at home came in 2000 when they stormed back from an early 14-0 deficit to stun No. 1 Nebraska. That victory helped catapult the Sooners to the national championship later in the season and helped build the "Big Game Bob" Stoops mystique.

But the recent winning streak has been dotted with only three victories over ranked opponents. The Sooners don't ever have a chance to host Texas because the Red River Rivalry is always played in Dallas.

Here's a look at the ranked opponents the Sooners have beaten in the Stoops era heading into Saturday's game agianst No. 2 Texas Tech.

Sept. 27: No. 2 Oklahoma 35, No. 24 TCU 10
Oct. 18: No. 4 Oklahoma 45, No. 16 Kansas 31

Oct. 13: No. 6 Oklahoma 41, No. 11 Missouri 31

Oct. 18: No. 1 Oklahoma 34, No. 24 Missouri 13
Nov. 1: No. 1 Oklahoma 52, No. 14 Oklahoma State 9

Oct. 19: No. 2 Oklahoma 49, No. 9 Iowa State 3
Nov. 2: No. 2 Oklahoma 27, No. 13 Colorado 11
Nov. 23: No. 4 Oklahoma 60, No. 24 Texas Tech 15

Sept. 29: No. 3 Oklahoma 38, No. 11 Kansas State 37

Oct. 28: No. 3 Oklahoma 31, No. 1 Nebraska 14

Oct. 23: Oklahoma 51, No. 13 Texas A&M 6

This list indicates the Sooners have almost always played well at home under Stoops, although they haven't always played the best opponents.