Dykes jokes at Leach's expense

New Louisiana Tech coach Sonny Dykes couldn't resist firing a zinger at an old boss' expense during his introductory press conference for his new job with the Bulldogs.

Dykes promised to run an offense that would be similar to the ones he was a part of at Texas Tech with Mike Leach -- with a couple of notable exceptions.

His offense would be like Tech's, but "maybe without all the fourth-down gambles, and going for it from our own 20, and hopefully putting guys in closets and that type of thing,” he told reporters at his introductory press conference in Ruston, La.

That comment was in reference to an episode that led to Leach’s recent firing. Dykes spent seven seasons on Leach's staff at Tech, first as a wide receivers coach and then as a co-offensive coordinator.

Here's a link to Dykes' press conference. His comments about Leach come at about the 7:50 mark.