Rhoads' staff will be paid more than previous ISU coaches

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Paul Rhoads' new coaching staff at Iowa State will be paid more than those of former ISU coach Gene Chizik last season.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that Rhoads' staff will be paid a combined salary of $1.385 million. That total is a 2.6 percent increase over the $1.35 million that Chizik's staff earned.

The highest-paid member of Rhoads' staff will be veteran defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Wally Burnham, who will earn $275,000. Chizik's highest-paid staff member was offensive coordinator Robert McFarland, who earned $283,250.

Another key member of Rhoads' staff is strength and conditioning coach Yancy McKnight, who will earn $140,000 after coming to ISU from Rice. The total from that is position is 23.6 percent more than the $113,300 that former ISU strength and conditioning coach Ken Sheppard was paid.

The salary increases are coming less than six months after four ISU coaches and many ISU faculty members volunteered to take one-week salary furloughs to help the school save money and help offset state budget cuts for educational funding.

ISU athletic director Jamie Pollard, men's basketball coach Greg McDermott, women's basketball coach Bill Fennelly and Rhoads all volunteered to work a week without pay.

That move was done after Iowa Gov. Chet Culver ordered midyear budget reductions late last year. The move came as the school grappled with the withdrawal of $7 million in educational appropriations.

The fact that Rhoads was able to get more money for his staff is significant, given those circumstances.

Here's a look at the salaries of Rhoads' staff, compared with those of Chizik's staff:

Paul Rhoads' coaching staff, 2009-10 salary

Wally Burnham, defensive coordinator/linebackers, $275,000
Tom Herman, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks, $250,000
Bill Bleil, offensive line/asst. head coach, $150,000
Chris Ash, secondary/recruiting coordinator, $150,000
Courtney Messingham, tight ends, $120,000
Kenith Pope, running backs, $120,000
Curtis Bray, defensive line, $120,000
Shane Burnham, defensive tackles, $100,000
Luke Wells, receivers, $100,000
*Yancy McKnight, strength and conditioning , $140,000

Gene Chizik's coaching staff, 2008-09 salary

Robert McFarland, offensive coordinator, $283,250
Wayne Bolt, defensive coordinator, $257,500
Tony Petersen, quarterbacks, $159,650
Jay Boulware, running backs /special teams, $133,900
Scott Fountain, tight ends/recruiting coordinator, $113,300
Mike Pelton, defensive line, $113,300
Shawn Raney, secondary $113,300
Jay Rodgers, receivers, $92,700
Jeff Koonz, secondary, $82,400
*Ken Sheppard, strength and conditioning, $113,300

*Note: Salaries for strength and conditioning coaches aren't included in the coaching staff's combined salaries.