Clarifying the Big 12's new marketing push

The Big 12 won't be unveiling its new promotional campaign at the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City from March 7-10.

League spokesman Bob Burda corrected Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas' comments to ESPN.com earlier this week, clarifying where the process of unveiling the new campaign stood.

"We are looking at PR agencies and we have two finalists that are going to be in Kansas City to make final presentations," Burda told ESPN.com.

Big 12 presidents, athletic directors and select other invitees plan to view the presentations during the week and decide between the finalists. The two finalists have been decided, but the league doesn't plan to disclose that publicly.

Once the decision is made, the timing of rolling out the campaign is uncertain.

"Knowing that there will be a new commissioner coming on board, do we hold until that person is in place so they can have some buy-in into that strategic messaging?" Burda said. "Or do we move forward and hope that whatever we're doing reconciles with their vision? Those are all bridges we'll have to cross once we settle and identify an agency."

The campaign will feature commercials, video messages on the sites and print advertisements in what Burda called a "comprehensive PR strategy."

Those messages would highlight the league's competitiveness, stable future and past success.

When the new commissioner is officially hired could influence the timing of the campaign, but it's not expected to be released after July 1, when the league will celebrate TCU and West Virginia's entrance.

Neinas told ESPN.com on Wednesday that he will step aside as commissioner on July 1.

The campaign could be released before, but it's "premature to speculate on a formal timeline for a roll out," Burda said.