Big 12 lunch links: Clemons headed to Colorado

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Today is a reminder of rebirth and renewal.

Lawrence, Kan., was burned to the ground by pro-slavery forces 153 years ago today on May 21, 1856.

On that date, a pro-slavery posse led by Sheriff Samuel J. Jones burned the Free-State Hotel, destroyed the printing equipment of two anti-slavery newspapers and also looted several businesses in what has come to be known as the sacking of Lawrence. One man was killed in the ransacking of the city when he was struck dead by a stone falling from the burning hotel.

From those horrific events, one of America's most beautiful college towns has emerged.

I always think of the story of "Bleeding Kansas" every time I visit Lawrence. It puts all my thoughts about athletics into perspective.

Today, we have a large collection of Big 12 links for your reading pleasure.