Chat: New commish, a few 2012 predictions

Thanks for all the questions today. It was a fun chat. Here's the full transcript.

And now, time for some highlights:

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY): Who will be the Best Quarterback in the Big 12 in 2012?

David Ubben: It'll be a two-horse race between Geno Smith and Landry Jones.

Paul (Stillwater): Ubbs - seems like a lot of scounts are hating on weeden and blackmon. they say that blackmon isn't tall enough or fast enough and that weeden's 100 yrs old can't make the tight throws. have these guys not seen the game film and are all these measurables that important?

David Ubben: I'd say you're not listening very closely, Paul. Blackmon's a near lock in the top five, and Weeden's a strong candidate for the No. 3 QB in this draft. He didn't throw well at the combine, but he's got skills. The age thing is more a question about his longevity in the league, not his actual skill.

Bear (Dallas): Do you feel like you should get a Gut Pak now after all the Baylor comments?

David Ubben: It sounded pretty good today. I was sifting through the e-mails today (There were a ton. Thanks, Baylor fans.) and I could about taste it. Look for the full guide on Wednesday.

Mason (Texas): This week we heard Dick Ebersol's name mentioned as a possible candidate for Big 12 Commish. You hearing about or willing to speculate about any other names?

David Ubben: Nope. I've heard a few, but nothing I'd go with yet. Bringing in Jack Swarbrick from ND seems like a terrible idea. The last thing the Big 12 needs is a close personal friend of DeLoss Dodds becoming the commissioner. Britton Banowsky, the commissioner of the C-USA, is one name that keeps popping up, though.

DoTheGundy (Tulsa): Who is your choice for breakout offensive player for next year?

David Ubben: Tough call here. There are lots of candidates. I'll go with Darrin Moore at Texas Tech. Do Terrance Williams or Lache Seastrunk at Baylor count?

W (Anaheim): Since they have no respect for KSU, who's going to replace Mizzou as KU's most hated rival?

David Ubben: No, here's the deal: That's going to change. Losing Mizzou is going to hurt. The immediate result will be KU taking that rivalry with K-State a whole lot more seriously. The Sunflower Showdown is about to get an upgrade.

Donnie (Oklahoma): Jake Trotter's chat on the SoonerNation blog suggested that part of UT's issues the last couple of years is partly due to them signing most of their class before they play their senior years thusly not getting to fully evaluate their talent growth potential (basically). What is your thoughts on this theory?

David Ubben: That's part of it. It's not all of it. When you have guys committing (Not signing. Players all sign at the same time) so early, it increases the variables. Texas has been part of the reason why guys are committing earlier and earlier. That wasn't all the reason, though. I don't think Texas was evaluating players as thoroughly as they had in the past, and development has been an issue, too. Part of that is on the player, but part of it's on the staff, too.

Mark (Texas): What's a realistic first year for TCU in the Big 12 next year?

David Ubben: Best-case scenario: 11-1. My pick: 9-3

Rainy (Oklahoma): Dear Sir, Do you think it will take a National Championship and/or a Heisman caliber season for Landry Jones to vindicate himself of the frustration he's caused alot of Sooner fans? Or do you think it will take less than that?

David Ubben: One or the other would probably help. At Oklahoma, sorry to say for Jones, that's probably what it would take. The bar is so high in Norman. You can't win 11 games and think that'll please people. Jones has already won a BCS bowl and a Big 12 title. Still, it hasn't been enough.

Dave (MD): Is it just me, or does the Big 12 seem to have the best collection of coaches in the country? Mack and Stoops have been doing it for years, Gundy/Briles/Rhodes seem rock solid. Snyder is a magician. Tubbs, once a hot commodity, is probably on the lower tier in the Big 12.

David Ubben: Maybe so. He's got a better resume than a lot of those guys, but we're still waiting for him to do something at Tech. He's recruited well, which is a good step, but Tech's only won 13 games in two years. That's been unheard of in Lubbock lately.

Jamie (Dallas): If you had to pick a 2012 Big 12 rushing champ right this instant, who would you choose and why?

David Ubben: Joseph Randle. He'll have a great O-line, and with a young QB and unproven big-time receivers, OSU will lean on him.

Levi Stevenson (Ames, IA): What sort of improvement do you expect from Jared Barnett in his sophomore season?

David Ubben: He's got to be consistent on the easy throws. That's the first thing for any young QB. Look at how he played in the Pinstripe Bowl: He just has to be better. Slants, eight-yard outs, flats. Those throws have to be on the money 90-95% of the time. He was all over the place in the last couple games.

Mo (Texas): Come on Ubs, 9-3 for TCU? That's a little high. They will have success, but they are REALLY upgrading their schedule. I'm thinking closer to 7.

David Ubben: Upgrading their schedule, yes. But Mo, I think you're underestimating the kind of talent they have returning in 2011. Three 700-yard rushers? A big-time QB? Three great receivers with plenty of potential to go with their production? The Horned Frogs offense will be as good as anyone's.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Ubbs, Kendall Wright ran a 4.6 40 at the combine. I thought he was much faster than that. Is simply a case of jitters, and not rising to the occasion, or I was mistaken about his speed? How much did he damage his stock?

David Ubben: No idea. That was eye popping to me. Maybe he was banged up. Maybe he trained poorly before the draft. I don't know, but he was much faster than that during the season.