More on Trahan's unusual transition

Hope you guys enjoyed the story about Baylor linebacker Brody Trahan on Thursday. He's an interesting guy, and should be fun to watch this season. It'll be fascinating to see what his role on the defense looks like next season.

Here's a few of the leftovers from the story:

Phil Bennett has preached speed since he got to Baylor, and that was obvious this spring when he made a handful of changes. Baylor's going to be faster next year, but that's especially true at the line of scrimmage.

"He wants that out of the whole defense, especially the secondary," Trahan said. "Our defensive linemen are extremely quick, so he moved safety Ahmad Dixon down to play an outside linebacker/hybrid position now. I think he just really wants speed on the field."

Dixon should be a big player in the defense next season at that nickel back spot, but another high-profile recruit, Prince Kent, is moving down a position to give the Bears more speed. Kent was the No. 51 prospect in the 2009 ESPNU 150 and the No. 5 cornerback (he originally signed with Miami, but went to prep school for a year after not qualifying), but he's now 6-foot-2, 210 pounds and a linebacker.

In this league, you look around at defense like the one Nebraska had in the recent past. As good as that defense was at defending the pass, it was especially good at blowing up slow-developing run games.

Missouri and Texas Tech are the two teams in the Big 12 most known for that, and adding speed up front can help shut that down. Obviously, Baylor doesn't have the kind of athletes Nebraska has had on its defense, but it's getting faster.

Also, it's easy to forget how close some players remain after leaving their hometowns for campus.

Trahan is back in Waco now, but spent his month-long summer break mostly back home. He and his teammates, Bears OL Cameron Kaufhold, went on a fishing trip for a four days with Missouri linebacker Will Ebner, who was known to take a few fishing trips of his own during the season with teammate Blaine Gabbert.