Big 12 lunch links: Montana's son looking at OU, Nebraska

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- It was unusually busy in downtown Columbia for a Monday night after I arrived here. The Field House appeared to be rocking and other clubs and coffee houses were packed with students along Broadway.

But before I got back to my hotel room and started my work for the following day, I had to make one pilgrimage.

I'll be out at Missouri's practice later this afternoon and will deliver a report before I leave, but I wanted to provide a few lunchtime links along the way.

I'm going to enjoy my links mine with a big cold chunk of Shakespeare's finest pizza -- canadian bacon, mushroom and green pepper, thank you very much.

And for all of the Missouri expatriates out there, I'll gladly have a second piece for them, too.

Until then, here are some of today's most notable Big 12 stories.