All-American teams show conference's shift

The college football website nationalchamps.net placed 18 players from the Big 12 on its All-American teams.

Just a glance makes it obvious how quickly the power has shifted in the conference. Not from one team to another, but from offense to defense. The conference doesn't have a single offensive player on the first three All-American teams, and the only player with a possible gripe is Ryan Broyles, and it's not a big one.

Conversely, a third of the first defensive team is from the Big 12, and all of them play in the box.

Last year, the Big 12 was loaded with offensive talent, and its far from starved this year, but clearly, the strength in talent at the top of the conference is on the other side of the ball this year.

Also of note, check out my pick for the conference's No. 1 team: Not a single player on any team. That's not too surprising on offense, but it's a little surprising Aaron Williams wouldn't land, at the very least, honorable mention. But unlike the past three seasons, Texas won't be driven by star power unless Garrett Gilbert establishes himself as a household name early on.

First Team All-American

  • DL Von Miller, Texas A&M

  • DL Jared Crick, Nebraska

  • DL Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma

  • LB Travis Lewis, Oklahoma

Second Team

  • P Derek Epperson, Baylor

Third Team

  • K Grant Ressel, Missouri

  • DB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

Honorable Mention



  • DL Aldon Smith, Missouri

  • DB Quinton Carter, Oklahoma

Special Teams

  • P Quinn Sharp, Oklahoma State

  • PR Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma

  • K Alex Henery, Nebraska