Tim's weekly mailbag: Where's the love for KSU?

Let's jump right in.

Rodney from Salina, Kan., writes: Why did you not include the Kansas State and Louisville game in your links this morning?

Tim Griffin: I didn't link a story to that game because I thought the other stories were more immediate. With that game still more than a week away, I thought it was a better idea to highlight the upcoming games instead.

Ben from San Diego writes: Tim, Double-T Nation is already upset about the fact that Texas Tech is the No. 12 team and has yet to have a televised game this season. An honest question though - although Tech plays the proverbial 'cupcake' out-of-conference schedule, why do networks still air other games instead. I mean, look at some of the other games on broadcast over weeks 1 and 2 and tell me that you wouldn't rather watch Texas Tech. Love your blog!

Tim Griffin: I agree with you about Tech's lack of national exposure so far, although their game against SMU will be a FSN broadcast available through most of the southwest and Big 12 region.

But I will say this. I would have thought that the Nevada-Tech game would have been picked up by somebody. Two potential explosive offenses would have made for a good TV game -- at least as good as the Navy-Ball State game that was shown.

I've got to think that if the Tech-Tulsa game had been played earlier this season rather than cancelled, that game would have been picked up by somebody. But I think it's understandable why most television networks would steer clear of games like Massachusetts and Eastern Washington -- I think for obvious reasons.

Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree will have many chances to play on television once Big 12 begins. It's too bad their nonconference schedule didn't help provide more chances earlier in the season.

Kenny Lyndon writes: Why hasn't Kansas State received any attention after back to back weeks of the Big 12 player of the week and national defensive player of the week in Courtney Herndon? Josh Freeman is leading the league in pass efficiency and has four rushing scores and four passing scores.

Tim Griffin: It hasn't helped Kansas State that they've played North Texas and Montana State during the first two weeks of the season. I've mentioned them a couple of times in some of my blog posts and I plan to do a lot more leading up to their game against Louisville next week. And as I said earlier this week, Freeman might have been the conference's most productive quarterback after two weeks. It will be interesting to see if that carries over when he starts playing some big boys across the conference.

Jason from Las Vegas writes: OU sneaks past Mizzou? How is that possible? First, we've been ranked ahead of them nationally all along. Second, conference play hasn't begun. Third, they are in a different division, with the only possibility of meeting them this year being in the conference championship. Fourth, please tell me the last time Mizzou beat OU?

Tim Griffin: My rankings have nothing to do with the national polls and are my own subjective list of where I think the Big 12 teams could be pegged at that moment. I thought Oklahoma had played well after beating Cincinnati to jump past Missouri for this week. If Oklahoma should struggle against Washington and Missouri against Nevada and Texas blows out Arkansas in an impressive fashion, it could spark some more switching.

You are right about the fact that Missouri and Oklahoma won't potentially play until the Big 12 championship game. That should provide us with a season full of anticipation before their game. And I am aware of the Sooners' streak of 18 victories in their last 19 games over the Tigers, just as I'm aware their 10-point margin last season at Norman over the Tigers was their closest victory over Missouri there since 1987.

Ian from Austin writes: Tim, I love the blog, and am always impressed with the quality and quantity of your content. I'm an OSU fan and Texas alum, so I have two questions for you: what does OSU's win over Houston tell us? I'm just not sure if Spud can run for 200 against a Big 12 team, or if the lob-and-jump can work as well. (But it sure reminds me of when Rashaun Woods was playing. . .) And also, do you think the Longhorns can beat OU without a steady ground game? Thanks!

Tim Griffin: Thanks for the compliments. Interesting combination of schools for you. But I was impressed with Oklahoma State's offensive blitz against Houston last week. There was a lot of concern coming into the season about both Larry Fedora not calling plays for OSU and replacing Adarius Bowman and Dantrelle Savage as potential receiving and rushing threats. After the first two games, consider those questions answered. OSU looks as potent as ever, although their season will ultimately be determined by defensive growth and keeping Zac Robinson healthy.

And as far as Texas is concerned, it will be almost impossible for them to beat OU without some kind of ground threat. Look for Fozzy Whittaker to receive some more steady work this weekend against Arkansas as Greg Davis looks to balance his offense.

Justin from Des Moines writes: Hey Tim. Could you hate the Big 12 anymore? You seem to think it's really the Big Five or Six teams from Texas and Oklahoma...? Did you know there are teams in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and my beloved Iowa? Iowa State just won their second game in a row, scored over 40 points for the second game in a row and has Iowa coming up next weekend in one of the most competitive rivalry games in the nation. Not one word on your blog about them. I'm sure others in Lincoln, Boulder and Manhattan feel the same way. Please rename your blog for the Big Five or Six or start blogging about the Big 12.

Tim Griffin: Justin, I appreciate your constructive criticism, but I'm wondering if you caught my blogp ost about Austen Arnaud this week or Kurtis Taylor the week before?

On game days, I'm kind of limited to really blogging about the game I'm attending. Heck, it was enough of a chore just to receive a steady wireless stream in the Mackay Stadium press box last week.

But I promise I'll try to provide a more panoramic view of the conference. I don't want any of my children to feel like they are getting the utmost of my attention.

Ray writes: You sound like a pathetic OU homer. OU played four road games last year, and LOST three! In case you didn't notice, they are a completely different team on the road. Their only road win last year was (cough cough) 17-7 over Iowa St, one of the worst teams in college football. They lost at Colorado, Texas Tech, and got blown out by West Virginia. They have the easiest schedule of the top 10 teams by a long shot and when they finally do play someone good in the bowl game, they will be shell-hocked by the talent level and get rocked again (just see USC, WVU). They are the most overrated team in college football.

Tim Griffin: Ray, it's funny how I can turn from a Missouri homer to an Oklahoma homer in less than a week. I guess who
ever ends up in first place in my ballot gets that wrath.

But to your points, this is a different Oklahoma team than in the past. Much like I don't think you can judge Missouri and Oklahoma off last season's results, I think each team is judged with a clean slate at the start of the season. And after those weeks, I think that Oklahoma and Missouri both are playing like top 5 teams.

And to your other points, I think that feeling -- while maybe not as vitriolic -- pervades a lot of the country. The Sooners will have some pressure before their bowl game this season. And it wouldn't surprise me if it's not the BCS title game.

Kevin from Austin writes: I know that I'm looking far ahead, but in watching the Texas/UTEP game, I started thinking about what the Longhorns are going to do when Mack Brown leaves. I mean he isn't getting younger and can't have that much left in him. Now we have two young driven coaches in Will Muschamp and Major Applewhite, I can't help thinking that you can't get those two without promising some type of long-term deal. I'd like to keep them both, but that's not realistic, considering at the end of this year one or both may get offered a head coaching job. I'm curious who got promised Mack's job, Major or Muschamp?
Tim Griffin: Kevin, I don't know if a higher job was promised to either one of them, but it will be an interesting decision who follows Brown. I expect both Muschamp and Applewhite will be major college head coaches one day. And I don't know which one I would pick. It will be a tough choice.

Guys, that's it for this week. Please keep those e-mails coming.