Grab bag from the Big 12 blogosphere ...

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Here's a few items I missed from outside the mainstream media of the blogosphere. Enjoy them, and thank me later.

My take -- I wouldn't expect anything else from a Kansas supporter, but isn't 10-3 for the Jayhawks just a tad presumptuous?

My take -- Two of the coaches will be remembered as the best in school history. The other, not so well. Want to guess which one goes in what place?

My take -- You could argue that Colt McCoy would qualify after his 18 interceptions last season. I think he'll be much better this year. But a better choice -- and a more under-the-radar one -- is LB Roddrick Muckelroy. I keep expecting this guy to morph into a pass-rushing demon. Maybe this is the year.

My take -- It might not be quite as jarring as Brian Bosworth' old do was on the shock-o-meter, but it's still quite a change for Harrell. I bet the Heisman people will be secretly hoping that it grows out quickly -- before December.

My take -- Pelini better be prepared for a lot of work with the group he's inherited with the Cornhuskers. It was so bad this spring that he willingly converted Cody Glenn from running back to outside linebacker. And projected OLB Tyler Wortman is a former walk-on. Bo, you aren't in Baton Rogue anymore.

My take -- I also think that a standard injury report would be good. But there might be too many disciples of Bill Snyder remaining to make sure we'll ever see it in the Big 12.

My take -- Good stuff as always from this group. And the reason I grouped you guys with the independent bloggers is that you always post great stuff after my morning deadline. I'd like to steer readers as quickly to you as possible, hence the inclusion.