FSU president blasts move to Big 12

So, is Florida State going to make the jump to the Big 12 or not?

If FSU president Dr. Eric Barron had his way, then certainly not. For one, he doesn't see it as a jump at all, at least not in the ways that matter most to him.

Barron wrote a memo on Monday expressing a commitment to the ACC, and harshly criticizing a possible move to the Big 12.

From colleague Joe Schad:

In the memo, Baron includes more reasons for not moving that include "The ACC is an equal share conference.

"So, when fans realize that Texas would get more dollars than FSU, always having a competitive advantage, it would be interesting to see the fan reaction" and "We would lose the rivalry with University of Miami that does fill our stadium."

And "It will cost between $20M and $25M to leave the ACC, and we have no idea where that money would come from." And "The faculty are adamantly opposed to joining a league that is academically weaker."

Barron writes, "We can't afford to have conference affiliation governed by emotion."

I can think of a couple schools in the Big 12 (or, ones that were, anyway) who would disagree.