Tuesday mailbag: Kevin White, BU/TCU

In today's mailbag we talk West Virginia, Mountaineers' receiver Kevin White, storming the field and Oklahoma State's recent struggles. As always thanks for your questions, submit questions for next week's mailbag here.

On to the mailbag:

Brian Popp in Kansas City, Missouri writes: What's the deal with Kansas State's kicker situation? Do you think that Bill Snyder will give Jack Cantele another shot?

Brandon Chatmon: Well, Matthew McCrane hasn't missed a kick, 2 of 2 field goals and 14 of 14 on PATs, so I don't see why the Wildcats would turn back to Cantele unless McCrane stumbles.

Steve writes: What is your opinion about Baylor students storming the field after the TCU game?

Chatmon: I loved it. The perfect ending to a great game. College football is supposed to be fun, as long as people aren't being dangerous about it, I have no issues with storming the field, particularly after winning a battle of top-10 teams on the game's last play.

Kenny R. in Blacksburg, Virginia writes: West Virginia seems to have Baylor in a perfect spot (in Morgantown, early kickoff, sandwiched between emotional TCU win and OU). As a diehard Mountaineer though it makes me nervous to even think that though without confirmation. What do you think?

Chatmon: I would agree. I expect a close, exciting game at Milan Puskar. A blowout on either side would surprise me.

Mike in Wheeling, West Virginia writes: Why isn't Kevin White in the Heisman race?

Chatmon: Because WVU has two losses and he is a receiver. Unfortunately it takes a special, special season for a receiver to get some love.

Myles in Morgantown, West Virginia writes: If Kevin White keeps producing like he has, is he a 1st round receiver?

Chatmon: I'm not an NFL scout, but I'd definitely consider him. It's hard to find receivers with his size and ball skills. If not first round, he should be a Day 2 selection.

Brooks in Galveston, Texas writes: Baylor/TCU last Saturday was one for the ages. However, it seems all people take away from it is "bad defenses/crazy offenses." But lost in the mix is that TCU had 17 possessions with Baylor getting stops on 9. How do we reconcile this? Also, does ANYONE want to play Baylor right now?

Chatmon: You'll have a hard time finding someone to say giving up five touchdowns was a great defensive performance, Brooks. But BU's comeback doesn't happen without its defense, either. And, while Baylor is a problem for anyone it plays, I don't think the Bears are looking at a conference full of teams scared to play them.

P.T. Dee in Lubbock writes: First, I would like to give props to the WVU kicker for making that field goal. Even though I am a Texas Tech student, I was impressed. Second, I just want to know your thoughts on what Tech's season will look like from here. Is the Texas or Oklahoma game winnable since they are both in Lubbock?

Chatmon: Both are winnable but things aren't looking good for the Red Raiders. Kliff Kingsbury's squad can't seem to find a rhythm, but Lubbock is always a hard place to play. Expect the Red Raiders to hang around in both games but doubt they will triumph in either.

Zach in Morgantown, West Virginia writes: Josh Lambert, great kicker, or the greatest kicker?

Chatmon: I'm not sure I consider him a kicker anymore, he's reached superhero status at this point, right?

Michael in Lubbock writes: I hear that as punishment, Texas Tech players who commit a penalty in a game have to show up at 5 a.m. to run. At this rate, I don't think there will be many Red Raiders on the all-conference football team, but how many do you think could earn all-conference honors in cross country?

Chatmon: At least five Red Raiders could be up for All-Big 12 cross country honors because all three units (offense, defense, special teams) have had penalty problems this season. Let's hope they at least get to check out some of Lubbock's best running trails.

Adam in Fort Worth, Texas writes: What happened to the Oklahoma State team that took FSU to the wire? I get we have inexperience and lost one of the best position coaches in the nation to the evil empire - but come on, man! Kansas was the better team Saturday. Any chance TCU's hangover lets us get one by my wife's Horned Frogs?

Chatmon: Maybe they stayed in Texas? I don't know, it's been a different Cowboys squad since FSU, but an undefeated one. And that cannot be overlooked. OSU isn't playing terrific yet continues to pile up wins. If this game was in Stillwater I might like OSU's chances a little more but TCU's defense is sound, its offense has been outstanding and Gary Patterson's squad is coming off a loss. The cards are stacked against OSU so they'll have to surprise again to knock off TCU. Feels like you could be losing bragging rights in your household.