Could Leach and the Oakland Raiders be a dream association?

Yahoo Sports' Michael Silver was being facetious -- I think.

But his recent suggestion that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach should end up with the NFL's Oakland Raiders makes a certain amount of sense.

The linking of Leach and legendary NFL iconclastic owner Al Davis could be a grouping of kindred souls. Both have a fascination for pirates, don't they?

And Leach's offensive talents would be ideal for the Raiders after Oakland's 21-13 loss to Baltimore to finish a 5-11 season. It dropped the once-proud franchise to their 11th loss for the seventh-straight season, a negative NFL record.

If Davis decides to fire Tom Cable, Leach would be an interesting choice. His talents working with young quarterbacks might help rebuild the career of former No. 1 draft pick JaMarcus Russell, who has been a massive bust to this point.

Davis is a big-time meddler in the affairs of his franchise. But it won't be any more than what Leach endured working with Gerald Myers.

Think about it. What would be better than Leach working with a team with a pirate on the side of its helmet?

And the NFL might not be as much of a reach for Leach as you might expect. I'm hearing from a couple of sources that he could end up working with Leslie Frazier at Buffalo as an offensive coordinator if the Vikings defensive coordinator gets that job with the Bills.

Leach likely doesn't need to work immediately. He'll be in court, I would imagine, as his contract is settled against Texas Tech.

But it won't be that long before we see him coaching again.

If he did end up in the NFL, he would become the most quotable NFL assistant since the days Buddy Ryan was strolling the sidelines.