Talking suspensions, big points and big games

Once again, an enjoyable chat earlier today. Here's the full transcript.

And a few highlights:

Andrew in San Diego asked: Hey Dave, saw your piece on the Baylor wide receivers. What amazes me is that they are all sophmores or younger with the exception on Kendall Wright. They will all be back next year, RGIII will be too and the defense will be better. Its gonna be one crazy offense. How legit do you think the Bears will be next year???

David Ubben: No kidding. I hadn't fully comprehended all of that until I started looking at all of those guys. For whatever Baylor achieves this year, they should only duplicate or exceed it next year. The defense can only get better... I think. They got off to a nice start, but they've played pretty poorly for big stretches this year.

Allan in Stillwater asked: Who is poised to have a bigger passing game this weekend, Brandon Weeden or Robert Griffin III?

DU: Once a quarterback hits 400 yards, the rest is just gravy. I think Bud Wilkinson famously said that once. Maybe it was Tom Osborne.

Britt Fisher in Austin, Texas asked: Everyone is on the Baylor bandwagon, they still have the hardest part of the schedule to play to finish out the season. They could still lose 3 or even 4 games.

DU: They definitely could...but go back and read what you just wrote. Still remarkable.

Robo in Lincoln asked: Do you agree with Tom Shatels assessment "The Big 12 opened Pandora's Box with the suspension of Eric Martin last week" ?

DU: I do. I don't want the league to be looking over a handful of hits every week. Personally, I think suspensions should be reserved solely for dangerous, malicious and illegal hits. There's no doubt in my mind the NFL has heavily influenced this, but nobody in the Big 12 is making the kind of hits James Harrison and Brandon Meriweather made. None even in the same league, really.

Melissa in Nebraska asked: Speaking of Pandora's Box, does Nebraska lose another player to suspension this week? It would be a real shame if they did.

DU: Well, last week kind of came out of nowhere. Nobody was really talking about the play being reviewed. This week, it's the opposite. I'd be surprised if Osborne gets suspended. If he does, I'll be chiming in for sure. Absolutely should not be suspended for that hit.