An all-access look at Texas Tech

Great look at Texas Tech on ESPNU All-Access last night. If you didn't see it, here were the highlights.

  • Tommy Tuberville: "You have to really enjoy college football to want to be a part of it, because it's not a lot of down time, it's a lot of busy time and it's a lot of late-night hours, seven days a week." All true, even if that's mostly just during the season.

  • The show followed the team during its week of preparation heading into last week's 52-20 loss to Texas.

  • I really enjoyed getting a look at Chad Glasgow working. An early opening segment offered a look inside a defensive coaches meeting. The Red Raiders defensive coordinator's side of the ball has struggled this year, but I'm sure the season has been a huge learning experience for the first-time coordinator from soon-to-be conference mate TCU, where he coached defensive backs.

  • Robert Prunty, recruiting extraordinaire and defensive ends coach, explained the Red Raiders' "Pitbull" mentality. No, he doesn't have his players slam Dr. Peppers 24/7, Make plays, and you get your name up above the board below a picture of a pitbull. Scott Smith and Dartwan Bush made the top of the board, and the better you play, the more impressive-looking your pitbull is. Kind of hilarious. Jackson Richards and Kindred Evans were also on the board for making plays. Every week, Prunty prints out information of this weeks "bite victims." That means both team's tackles, and in Texas' case, QBs. Also, running backs. Case McCoy and David Ash were both on the wall in the DEs meeting room. From Prunty's assessment, it seems like the DEs have taken to it. Competition will do that. Here's guessing Brandon Weeden's face has spent a lot of time on the wall this week.

  • The Masked Rider has used the same horse for 10 years. His name is "Midnight Matador." "This is all he's ever done, really." Becoming the masked rider comes with a written test about horse health and equipment. The rider is responsible for taking care of the horse during the year, and answers 10 open-ended questions and does a driving test with the truck and trailer that holds the horse. There's also a riding tryout and an interview with a panel of 12-15 people. The Masked Rider is far more fascinating than I ever knew.

  • The statue of Will Rogers on Tech's campus was rotated after installation so its butt faced A&M, riding away from College Station. Touche, Tech.

  • Interesting to see OC Neal Brown offer a team-wide academic update on Tuesday, calling out receiver Marcus Kennard to study for a history test. Stuff like that, and accountability, is where some senior leadership can come into play. Brown also announced in a team meeting that WR Tavares McRoy had gotten a 100 on a test and reserve QB Michael Brewer had gotten a 96. Positive reinforcement! "Smile, man. It's not illegal to smile," Brown said.

  • "I'm only as good as my staff," Tuberville said. "I delegate responsibility and I took most of my philosophy from Jimmy Johnson when I was at Miami."