Could Obama aid Barton's quest to kill the BCS?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Politics indeed do makes for some strange bedfellows.

Take U.S. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), a staunch conservative and former Texas A&M student.

It appears that Barton has found a kindred spirit in President Barack Obama in terms of doing away with the Bowl Championship Series in favor of a playoff to determine college football's national champion.

Barton has filed at least three congressional bills he hopes will do away with the BCS. And he told The Dallas Morning News he remains committed with a willing listener now in the White House.

"The biggest sport that raises the most money and has the most publicity has a totally artificial and undecipherable system that really doesn't base the championship on the merits of a playoff," Barton told the News.

Barton has talked to the president about the issue and hopes he will take an active role in college football reform over the next several months.

Who knows? Maybe the change in the nation's leadership will lead to a change in the currently controversial manner in how college football determines a champion.