Lost players found in UFL Draft

Months of hype and speculation from the media preceded Wednesday's UFL Draft, but six players from the Big 12 heard their names called (or however they do it) by teams from the UFL, who just added the league's fifth team, the Omaha Nighthawks.

Some of the draftees just finished their eligibility. Others have bounced around NFL camps and other football endeavors since leaving campus. But now they've been drafted by the UFL, which kicks off its second season on Sept. 17.

The draft was 12 rounds and 60 total picks.

15. Las Vegas - Brian Coulter, DE, Missouri

16. Omaha - Adrian Jones, OT, Kansas

35. Omaha - DeMarcus Faggins, CB, Kansas State

36. Sacramento - Jon Banks, S, Iowa State

38. Las Vegas - Eddy Newton, WR, Baylor

46. Las Vegas - Lewis Baker, S, Oklahoma