Thoughts on Weeden's visit to QB Camp

If you aren't watching ESPN's QB Camp pre-draft series, you should be. It's great TV, and the new episode with Brandon Weeden definitely qualified. It had me laughing quite a bit, but you get a look inside Weeden's mind and Oklahoma State's offense as well.

  • Whoa, Jon Gruden loves the Corral? Hey, me too. Here's an introduction. I'm a little surprised Gruden didn't ask what the heck the Paddle People were. Calling Pistol Pete "Burt Reynolds" was one of the longest in a long line of laughs in probably the most humorous episode in the show I've ever seen.

  • Weeden cited his handling the ups and downs of minor league baseball for developing mental toughness that paid off in college football. No question about that. His mental toughness is unmatched among QBs in this league, and it's got to be something.

  • Weeden on the bus leaving the Iowa State game: "It was tough, but it helped us in some ways. We had a bye week the next week and took out all our frustration on Oklahoma." Yeah, they definitely did.

  • My biggest takeaway: Gruden is great TV, and he was at his best with Weeden. He was giving him a hard time on a few things, like his verbalization and baseball career, but Weeden handled it pretty well, even when he coined the nicknames "Weedster" and "WeedEater." The quote of the whole show? Gruden saying Dumb and Dumber was a movie about two guys driving down the road calling hot routes. It makes sense if you watched it. If you didn't, you should.

  • Poor Weeden, for all the great plays he made, Gruden called his safety and pick six against Texas something like the worst football play in the history of the game. Hilarious, if not a touch cruel. Once again, he handled it well, though.

  • Gruden, in his comments after on the show, came away impressed with how Weeden handled the ribbing. I haven't seen every episode in the few years we've done it, but Gruden gave Weeden a harder time than I'd seen on any of the other episodes. He said everybody at the FFCA liked him as a person, but Gruden's favorite attribute? Weeden's got a "bone to pick" with all the people saying he's too old to do this or too old to do that. It'll be interesting to see how he handles the next level. I'm betting he does well.

  • Justin Blackmon sticking his tongue out and pointing at the camera after a win on repeat? I couldn't stop laughing. The catch in the Alamo Bowl pregame was pretty sick, too. Hadn't seen that one before.

  • Anyone else think Gruden looks like a little older version of Weeden?

  • Gruden's faux mock of the nod to Blackmon that signified a fade was high comedy, too.