Former Big 12 players still in the NFL playoffs

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

I'll admit that I don't watch nearly as much NFL as I do college football. Sundays typically are my busiest day during the season and I'm usually fortunate if I can watch a quarter of any regular season NFL game.

But after the bowls are over, I can watch the playoffs with a critical eye. The NFL playoffs are a great spectacle and Sunday's two championship games are one of the four or five best days of sports of the year. Not quite as good as national championship day or New Year's Day to be sure, but still six hours of entertaining football to be savored.

I particularly like to catch up with some of the former players I used to cover during their Big 12 careers. And with free agency drastically altering rosters, it's tough to follow all of the player movement.

I took a quick look at the rosters of the four remaining teams, looking for former Big 12 players and how they are involved on their teams.

Here's a look at each remaining NFL team with Big 12 players and their uniform numbers noted.

Philadelphia Eagles

Arizona Cardinals

  • LB Monty Beisel, Kansas State (52) -- Second-string at middle linebacker

  • CB Ralph Brown, Nebraska (20) -- Second-string at left cornerback

  • C Lyle Sendlein, Texas (63) -- Starter

  • DE Antonio Smith, Oklahoma State (94) -- Starter at left defensive end

Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers