Chat: Realignment, Texas, road games

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W in Diamond Bar asked: David - How far has Bryce Brown's stock dropped?

David Ubben: Apparently to third string on his team, according to Bill Snyder today.

Michael in Long Beach, Calif., asked: I understand your point about nothing to support "icing a kicker", but seriously, David. First, Pinkel's excuse was feable at best. Second, as Max Kellerman always asks in his role as HBO boxing analyst, which boxer would you rather be at the end of a round, would you rather be a kicker on the field ready to kick and proceeding, or one who's own coach repeatedly calls timeouts? Weak, weak, weak. But, you're the smarter guy in the room.

DU: Maybe so. I mostly just agree that if Pinkel wanted those extra five yards so badly, allow James Franklin to go get them earlier in the drive. And I disagree that if the plan worked, Pinkel looks like a genius. Vontaze Burfict would have just looked like a liability, and nobody would have known Missouri was planning to call a timeout.

Nick in Waco, Texas asked: I'm a baylor student, and a huge fan of Baylor athletics. How worried should I be right now, and at what point should i start freaking out.

DU: A) Very. B) Yesterday.

Mike in Wichita asked: KU looks to be committed to running the ball, can they continue the ground success in Big12 games?

DU: I think so, at least more than they did last year. The offensive line is better, and KU has some of the best backs in the league. That's their biggest strength, but Jordan Webb looks like he's going to be able to take some heat off, too. He looked great.

Kevin in Dallas asked: What are the chances of Tech being ranked for the aTm game. They should be 4-0 with a conference win.

DU: Decent, but it'll take others losing to do it. Tech's schedule is a laugher until that A&M game. Speaking of, what a four-week stretch for A&M. That'll be tough. Four consecutive weeks of teams trying to prove themselves. OSU, then Arkansas, then Tech and Baylor.

Tommy Tuberville in Lubbock, Texas, asked: Why am i getting ripped for having an easy non-conference schedule when i have to play 6-7 really hard confernece games? Aren't these games just kind of warm up for conference? And Nevada won 13 games last year, anyone else playing a team that won that many games a year ago?

DU: Because it's the worst noncon schedule in the Big 12 BY FAR, and Tech is once again the only team not playing someone either ranked (Baylor vs. TCU) or a team in a BCS conference. Weak.

Robert in Salt Lake City asked: Local media types here in Utah are commenting on how physical the Texas OL was. I think they're used to MWC talent. Did you see any improvement in the OL, or was Texas fortunate to beat a mediocre BYU?

DU: They were better. I don't think Texas was dominant, but holes were there and the QBs weren't getting constantly harassed. Much better than last year. BYU's not a great team. Probably better than mediocre. I'd say about a nine-win team. Fortunate? I don't know about that. The QB change came just in time, but Texas got it done.

Luis in El Paso asked: Will GameDay be in College Station next week?

DU: Decision hasn't been made yet, but as long as both teams take care of business on Saturday, I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

Robert in Salt Lake City asked: What team not called the Sooners will we learn the most about this weekend?

DU: Am I allowed to say Kansas? The Jayhawks or Iowa State.

Brandi in Houston asked: Can we expect to see a better defense from Baylor this weekend than we did against TCU? Considering I didn't see much of a defense at all against the Horned Frogs. I can't see Baylor being a huge threat to anyone if they can't play D.

DU: I do. First off, I think TCU's offense is going to be underrated. Josh Boyce is a stud. So is Ed Wesley and Casey Pachall will come along. And if you missed it last weekend, TCU's defense held Air Force to something like 12 points in a blowout win.

Harsin in traveling magic show asked: Ubs, you ready for the stuff i'm about to pull out of my hat this weekend?

DU: I'm mostly waiting for what you've got in store for OU. Please, please bring back the Statue of Liberty, Texas.

Mike in Class asked: Why do you disagree with Baylor's move to block A&M from moving?

DU: I don't, necessarily. The Bears are acting in self-preservation. Do what you've got to do. A&M would want its administration to do the same if the roles were reversed. But Kenneth Starr is treating us all like we're idiots.