Arkansas-A&M rivalry a nod to the old SWC

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

ARLINGTON, Texas -- I think I've wandered into some kind of football time warp.

Sure, the Texas A&M-Arkansas game will be played in the modernistic Cowboys Stadium. Every known spectator amenity known to mankind -- especially that massive high-def television screen that is as stunning as I was told -- is present.

But this game assuredly is a nod to the storied rivalry that the Aggies and Razorbacks once enjoyed in the Southwest Conference.

It's been a treat for fans old and new to cheer the highlights of players like Bill Montgomery, Jack Pardee and John David Crow that have been showed before the game. We even had a couple of glimpses of Frank Broyles and Bear Bryant in some highlights, narrated by the venerable Kern Tipps.

This will be a fun series over the next 10 years. It will give both schools a chance to celebrate their storied football legacies.

And maybe even make a few more memories of their own.