Mark Cuban: Big 12 should stick together

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stopped by the "College GameDay" set to be a guest picker on Saturday's opening week, but apparently that wasn't enough college football talk.

Cuban knows business best, and in his blog, he wrote that Big 12 schools leaving the league to make a superconference is a bad decision.

It's a good read filled with lots of sense, and he says a move will cause five problems:

  • More schools doesn't mean more money.

  • Fans will hate the schedule impact.

  • No more cupcake games, which is good for fans and bad for coaches.

  • No more geographic rivalries.

  • Big dogs will become little dogs.

What I might add to it? Cuban isn't factoring in the egos of those making these decisions, which, unfortunately, have and will play a factor, too.