McGee determined for next career opportunity

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Former Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee sometimes speaks of his "frustrating" college career.

But he's determined to shoot for a chance at an NFL career.

McGee told KMOL, the NBC-TV affiliate in San Antonio, that he's tried to confound critics throughout his career.

"After my high school career they said I couldn't run," McGee told the station, chuckling. "After my college career they say I can't throw. I just hope after my NFL career that they don't say I can't run or throw, because I would really be bad. Hopefully, I can do one or both."

Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman has repeatedly said that he thinks that McGee has a shot at an NFL job. That's despite a career that was marked with injuries that limited him to six games as a senior.

"Especially with all my frustrations it seemed like (were there) at A&M and the disappointments on the field. But to know that God could do something special and use me in some way," McGee said. "I think that speaks to the power of God and what he's able to do. Because it seemed like it was an almost broken career at A&M."

McGee is heartened by how seen how unheralded players have emerged as NFL standouts despite not much notice during their college careers. His own college career is marked by two bowl trips and two victories over arch-rival Texas, including a 2007 game where he blistered the Longhorns for a career-best 362 passing yards and three touchdown passes en route to a 38-30 victory.

"I see a lot of those guys that have made it and stuck around the NFL for a long time," McGee told KMOL. "The Tom Bradys, Tony Romos and Matt Hasselbecks were guys that everybody counted out and no one showed up for their pro days. But here they are today, making a big career out of it.

"I know how bad I want and how hard I'm going to work for it. I'll just keep showing up and giving them my best effort. I know along the way I'll get a break eventually."

It would be unwise to bet against McGee, who is one of the most determined athletes I've ever met. We'll see how his pro chances turn out over the next few months.