Sooners answer Spikes' 'dirty' charges

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Oklahoma players didn't waste much time before responding to Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes' charges that the Sooners were a "dirty team."

Understandably, the Sooners weren't too happy about Spikes' words.

"Dirty, like we're dirty players?" Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy told the Oklahoman. "That's just how we play. We play hard. I guess you can consider that dirty, but some people just get intense, get riled up. Every team does."

The best I can remember, the BCS National Championship Game had a lot of chippiness and woofing on both sides.

Spikes charged Oklahoma tackle Trent Williams and then swatted his helmet after a play where Williams had driven Spikes to the ground.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow drew an unsportsmanlike penalty late in the game after giving a "Gator chomp" in the direction of Oklahoma safety Nic Harris, who he had claimed had been chirping at him throughout the Gators' 24-14 victory.

But McCoy said that the Sooners weren't the only trash-talkers in the game.

"He [Spikes] is a liar if he's saying they don't have trash-talkers," McCoy said. "Every team does. You can't just put it on us."

It's interesting that the most notable sequence of the game has received little mention. That came when Harris twisted the injured ankle of Florida receiver Percy Harvin long after the play ended.

But I also remember that Harvin wasn't that unduly concerned about it after the game.

"He grabbed it, kind of twisting [my ankle] a little bit," Harvin told reporters after the BCS title game. "That comes with the game. I was expecting that a little bit. It's all good."

Harvin put that play behind him a few minutes after the game was over. But Spikes apparently has kept his feelings festering for more than eight months.

Like I said yesterday, if there's any justice, we'll see the Sooners and Gators play again somewhere this season.