Strickland: Brenham High a boon for Brown

Joe Montana was the other guy last week.

Never mind all the Super Bowl rings, the Hall of Fame credentials and the flashy smile. Montana was an afterthought that Tuesday as he, his wife, and son Nick poked around Brenham, Texas, wondering if this was the place for Nick to enroll in junior college and play quarterback for Blinn.

Mack Brown was in town. And don't think for a second that the Texas coach wasn't the headliner. From Jack Hess scrambling trying to find something to give to Brown to eat before ultimately stumbling on a box of Christmas gingersnaps to the high schoolers lining up to have their picture snapped with Brown, he was the person that was making the town buzz.

"You wouldn't have known Joe Montana was even here," said Hess, who only knew because he runs the Southern Flyer restaurant at the Brenham Municipal Airport.

"I always tell people if he decided to be the governor of this state he would win hands down," Brenham coach Glen West said.

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