Update from Oklahoma State

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

STILLWATER, Okla. -- I had the chance to focus on Georgia quarterback Joe Cox, who looks ready for the approaching Oklahoma State game.

Cox was struggling with flu-like symptoms late this week and arrived later than the rest of his teammates. But he appeared flushed as he threw on the sidelines during the Bulldogs' pre-game workouts in the humid conditions at the game.

The Bulldogs also will play without Caleb King, who is struggling without a hamstring injury and won't play in Saturday's game.

As expected, Oklahoma middle linebacker Orie Lemon will not play. He's out with his team without pads with shorts and a giant brace on his right knee. He'll be replaced by senior Donald Booker in the Oklahoma State starting lineup.

Despite rumors to the contrary earlier this week, Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson, linebacker Andre Sexton and cornerback Perrish Cox all are dressed and appear ready to play.