Chat: Texas' future, Big 12 changes, Top 25

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And a few highlights:

Steve in Moore, Okla., asked: Why are we not hearing anything from Beebe?

David Ubben: He's working behind the scenes and probably doesn't see the benefit in speaking publicly. That's debatable, but like last summer it's not like he's doing nothing. Now, though, I'm not sure what his approach will be in trying to keep UT and OU in the league.

Clayton in Houston asked: Is the Aggie defense feast or famine? It seems like Saturday it was a 3 and out/turnover or SMU got a string of big plays. What's up Ubbs? Should I be worried about the Aggie defense going into Big 12 play?

DU: I wouldn't get too worried. It was one game, and the throws over the top were communication errors on a similar play with a post-flag crossing route. The safety and corners couldn't figure out who had who and the flag was wide open like three times, including on the touchdown. The running game was a bit more troublesome, but it's one game. The Aggies led the league in the stat last year and don't play again for two more weeks. I wouldn't be too concerned just yet.

Mike in Wichita asked: So explain to me again how "Super Conferences" are good for college football? The fans, traditions, rivalries are what make it great - not TV $ for the schools. With all this influx of huge revenue - shouldn't tuitions go down along with ticket prices? (kidding)

DU: I hate them for college football. All the things that make this game special are getting minimized in these discussions.

Robert Griffin III in Waco, Texas asked: Is there a player in the NCAA more singularly important to his team's success than I am?

DU: This is kind of a mischaracterization. It's true to an extent, but I've talked to a few people about it over the weekend. There's no doubt RG3 takes his team to the next level, but Baylor's not a bunch of dregs without him. They're a fringe bowl team without him and an 8-10 team with him. Kendall Wright, Elliott Coffey, Ahmad Dixon, Terrance Ganaway and Prince Kent are all big-time athletes who have come to Waco with Griffin. Baylor has plenty of talent outside Griffin.

Jordan in Fort Worth asked: Do you think the Texas the the ACC talk is just posturing? Like they are trying to make the PAC12 panic and accept them with their own network?

DU: I'm not going to take a guess at anyone's motivation for anything in this realignment mess, but I'll say this: Texas to the ACC might be the least likely scenario at the end of this saga. Pac-12, Big 12, Big Ten would all surprise me less.

Even the SEC. (Hi, Aggies! Remember us?)

Brian in Dallas asked: Which upset would have supprised you more if they happend Kansas State or Iowa State?

DU: Honestly, they were pretty even. Both teams are trying to feel around in the dark for what they can do offensively. Daniel Thomas was K-State's offense last year. Alexander Robinson and Austen Arnaud were Iowa State's offense. They're all gone. There were bound to be some issues.

Eric in Manhattan, Kan., asked: Snyder's time is coming to an end in a couple years. Although I have great respect for the man as a person and coach. Who do you think will take his place? Especially with the probably conference changes.

DU: Joe Paterno.

Raiderttu06 in Lubbock asked: Leon Mackey, is he still good enough to put on the field with half a lung? BTW- Did you hear about our new defensive weapon, the West Texas dust storm that rolled in during the second quarter as the cold front blew through and kept Texas State scoreless for three quarters.

DU: Ha. I felt bad for Mackey. That's got to be frustrating. I heard about the dust storm. Tech may get to see a few more of those in the near future when it travels to Arizona for conference games.

Haboob. One of the nation's great linguistic accomplishments, and a word soon to be added to plenty of Big 12 fanbase's dictionaries.

Bill in Norman asked: Can you explain to me why Texas is in the Top 25? Thanks

DU: No. They're Texas?

Kevin D. in Concord, N.H., asked: I've been riding the Henry Josey train since last year. Does this Kendial Lawrence injury finally give him the chance to take the reigns? He seemed to me to be by far and away the most effective back (besides Franklin) on the field against Miami on Saturday.

DU: It'll be interesting. I picked Josey to lead the team in rushing at some point this summer, but Lawrence really picked it up in fall camp and I thought he was poised for a big year. It's hard to imagine a guy having a worse start to the season, though.