Richt worried about swine flu -- and prying eyes of reporters

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Georgia coach Mark Richt is already in big-game mode with the Bulldogs' mega Sept. 5 opener at Oklahoma State still more than a week away.

With at least 20 cases of swine flu reported on the Georgia campus this summer, Richt told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he's worried about his team being exposed.

"Oh yeah, we've been keeping a real close eye on it," Richt told the Journal-Constitution. "We actually had a couple of guys that had those type of symptoms in the summer, and we either took them and moved them off on their own or took their roommates out of there. ... We probably did that two or three times this summer.

"And we have kept a real close eye on the guys since camp started, but we really haven't had anything since camp started. Haven't had any symptoms like that."

Richt said that Georgia director of sports medicine Ron Courson has taken an active role in keeping his team prepared.

"There are certain things, like that MRSA [infection], that can be spread throughout a team, and if you don