Full Pac-10/Big 12 merger in play

The official moves have yet to be made, but the Pac-10 is remaining open minded in their approach to expansion. One option still being considered: A full merger between the Big 12 and Pac-10 that would blow yesterday's news away but still raise plenty of questions while making teams like Iowa State, Baylor and Kansas feel a little more secure.

"There is an enormous amount of speculation about conference expansion right now and I think with the Pac-10 that anything is possible, all the way from remaining with the status quo, where we are today, to a full merger with the Big 12 and anything in between,'' Washington athletic director Scott Woodward told the Seattle Times on Thursday. "All possibilities are viable and open for discussion.''

A reminder: None of this would be anything the Big 12 brass are discussing--or possibly even aware of--this week in Kansas City, but the Pac-10 is making it clear they won't be happy with handing over the first move of conference realignment to the Big Ten.

And after yesterday's talk--or lack thereof--it's hard to be surprised by anything in relation to the Big 12's future.