Talking new teams, A&M drama, rivalries

Thanks for all the questions this week. We had some fun. Here's the full transcript.

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Now, on to the highlights:

LT in Birmingham asked: What do you think about the BYU to Big 12 chatter?

David Ubben: It's in its very, very early stages, but it'd be mutually beneficial for both sides.

Cris in Waco asked: Hey Ubbs! Can't get enough of the blog or Baylor. What do you think of Lache Seastrunk's chances at being eligible this season, and if so what kind of impact to you think he could have for the Bears offense?

DU: He's better off sitting out by now. It sounds like the decision might take awhile, and if it's already a game or two into the season, he's probably not going to get much out of this year as is. Best to wait until 2012. Might have been different if he transferred in July.

Thomas in Columbia, Mo. asked: How much of an impact do you think the A&M drama affects other Big 12ish schools on the recruiting trail? It seems to me that high caliber players would not want to come o schools where there is uncertainty in the league.

DU: Interesting question. That's something that hasn't been explored yet, but I don't imagine it's a problem for schools like Texas and Oklahoma. Places like Iowa State and Kansas State? Hard to believe it wouldn't be, at the very least, a concern.

Brent in Utah asked: Have there been any rumblings of the pac-12 renewing it's interest in the Texas Oklahoma additions they sought last year?

DU: Not yet. I think Oklahoma would be wise to at least look at the option, but it sounds like everybody's "on the plane" as a man I know once said, regarding the future of the Big 12.

James in College Station asked: Dave, I'm one of the few that is skeptical of the SEC move but for competitive reasons but I'm sick of people sayings its our fault if the Texas-A&M game goes away. That's ridiculous. We want that to continue no matter what. Why are we the bad guy?

DU: Ha, nobody's saying that. At least not anybody who knows what they're talking about. Texas will probably put the dagger in the rivalry, but let's not act like A&M was an innocent bystander in the whole deal.

Evan in Aggieland asked: Hey Ubbs, has ESPN told you where all you're being sent this weekend yet?

DU: Yep. Will be announcing on the blog on Thursday.

Ryan in Ohio asked: Do you miss the Missouri--Illinois Arch Rivalry?

DU: I do. It was a great game. I'm guessing Ron Zook will not miss it.

Andrew in Missouri asked: Do the Tigers have a prayer in Norman this year?

DU: Yeah, probably sometime before the game, either in the locker room or just before they take the field. Most likely led by James Franklin.

Shep Klinke in College Station, Texas asked: I better make your post-season Big 12 All-Name team!

DU: My apologies. I was so disappointed in myself when I saw that on A&M's depth chart. You'd knock Austin Wuebbels off that team in a second.

Matt in Columbia asked: Oh David, saying the Big 12 won't fold is a little naïve don't you think? How does the Big 12 survive if Missouri bolts?

DU: Sorry, I can't read your question behind that gigantic if. Can you submit it again?

Jerome in Toronto, Canada asked: Why didn't you list Arizona and Arizona State as your pipe dream teams? Earlier this year, you went on and on about adding these PAC teams. Did you finally see the light and realize they were not going to leave the PAC for the Big 12? Just curious why all of a sudden you didn't include them

DU: After the Pac-12 signed that new television deal and announced the new television networks, it pretty much ended that dream. ASU and UA aren't happening. I wrote as much back when it happened, I think.

Raiderttu06 in Lubbock asked: What are your thoughts on the Red Raider Defensive Line now that Delvon Simmons has gotten the all clear from the NCAA. Looks like the Depth is back on Defense which was missing last year with injuries.

DU: Very underrated entering the season, but a lot of unknown commodities. The best news? Those guys up front may be able to mask possible problems on the back line.

HawkFanBeau in Waffletown asked: If the three best teams comes down to a undefeated B1G, undefeated non-OU/Texas Big XII and a one loss SEC. Who plays for the chrystal ball?

DU: The Big Ten team and the Big 12 team while the SEC's fans wail, thrash and scream.