CU-South Carolina meet in No. 7 battle in Big 12-SEC series

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Colorado (Big 12 No. 7) vs. South Carolina (SEC No. 7)

Colorado's record against the SEC: 0-2
South Carolina's record against the Big 12: 0-1
Previous series: Never met.

Distance between them (according to How Far Is It): 1,404 miles.
Where they should play: Clarksville, Ark. (717 miles from Boulder, 722 miles from Columbia)

Who wins: Colorado.

Why: Two of the great quote machines in college football will square off in this matchup. It's too bad the action on the field likely wouldn't compare with the interplay between Steve Spurrier and Dan Hawkins.

Even with the uncertainty of Colorado's quarterbacking with Cody Hawkins and Tyler Hansen battling for the job, the Buffaloes would be able to run consistently against a Gamecock defense weakened by the departure of its top three playmakers from last season. And although Stephen Garcia was Spurrier's first big-time recruit with the Gamecocks, he hasn't gone through the wars in college football -- yet.

The Gamecocks' specialty on defense is stopping the pass. Unfortunately, Colorado moves the ball much better running the ball than passing. So it's not a good matchup for South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson's group.

South Carolina might be able to beat some other more highly ranked Big 12 teams that rely on passing more than the Buffaloes. But in this game, Darrell Scott, Rodney Stewart and an improving offensive line would enable the Buffaloes to grind out a victory.

The count: Tied, 3-3.

Monday: Texas Tech (Big 12 No. 6) vs. Arkansas (SEC No. 6).

Note: Matchups are determined by the most recent rankings of Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin and SEC blogger Chris Low. All cumulative records go back to the 1996 season -- the first of Big 12 competition.