'Father of Bride' role suits Leach at recent wedding

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

IRVING, Texas -- Texas Tech coach Mike Leach wasn't sure if he was more like Spencer Tracy or Steve Martin from "Father of the Bride" after watching his own oldest daughter get married late last month.

Leach said he learned valuable and practical lessons with the first wedding of any of his children. Janeen, a medical student at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Amarillo, Texas, and her new husband were married late last month.

Like most weddings, Leach deferred to the bride and his wife for most of the major decisions.

"There's a part in weddings where all of the women are racing around changing their position on virtually every subject," Leach said. ""Their moods go up and down and they are never in the middle. You just try to disappear until it over. And then you shake everybody's hand and then pat them on the back."

Leach has four children and was pleased by how the first wedding turned out.

"It was a quick, practical, worry-free deal," Leach said. "Like me, she wanted a small wedding and that worked out well. Because the payouts in presents doesn't equal the aggravation."