Different effort level for Iowa State

Iowa State didn't win a Big 12 game in 2014.

The Cyclones hope to change that in 2015 and could be headed in the right direction after a different effort level from the players this spring. In this Q&A with ISU defensive coordinator Wally Burnham, the Des Moines Register's Bobby La Gesse explores some of the key developments on the defensive side of the ball, including better effort from the players.

"It was seldom that we had to coach effort this spring," Burnham said. "It’s a big, big plus from the last couple of springs. It’s the general attitude of these kids."

Hearing that effort might have been a problem in previous springs speaks volumes and makes it easier to understand some of the Cyclones' recent struggles. Burnham is convinced his defense will be better this fall, particularly along the defensive front, and they will need to be if they hope to find their way into a bowl game.