Willis Wright decides on FIU

Heralded wide receiver Willis Wright had a tough decision.

It took him more than five minutes at a Wednesday press conference in Miami before he finally decided on Florida International University.

The Miami Herald reported that Wright buried his head in his hands for nearly five minutes, not looking up, before he made his decision.

The television cameras were there and Wright had three hats laid out neatly in front of him for his finalists -- West Virginia, FIU and Nebraska. But when it came time for him to make his announcement, the Herald reported that Wright sobbed uncontrollably before his mother finally spoke up.

"Come on Willis, people are waiting, be strong honey," Allison Mike told her son, according to the Herald.

Finally, Wright collected himself, grabbed the FIU cap and put it on.

Playing with FIU coach Mario Christobal will give Wright a chance to be a featured receiver, if he can make his grades and become academically eligible for college. He was ESPNU's No. 19 wide receiver in the nation and the 121st player on ESPNU's 150.

"It was incredibly difficult,'' Wright told the Herald. "I simply put my head down in my hands and looked for some guidance from the Lord. I literally made up my mind in those few minutes. I had great visits to West Virgnia and Nebraska but FIU was especially great."

Wright said building the FIU program in his hometown was a temptation too great to turn down.

"I guess I just want to be a part of something that's in the process of being built rather than something that has already been built,'' said Wright, who produced 29 receptions for 677 yards and 10 touchdowns for Miami Springs High School in 2009. "I'm looking forward to help FIU continue to build.''

Wright would have helped Nebraska, providing a deep receiving threat at a position where the Cornhuskers could have used some help.

It sounds like he labored long and hard before making his announcement to turn them down.