Fit to be tied in the Big East

Ivan Maisel has a good story today about the legacy of ties in college football. I remember how ties used to drive me crazy when I was younger, but as nostalgia tends to do, I kind of look back on them as a quaint relic now.

Maisel lists his 10 biggest ties in the history of the game, and one of them resonates with Big East fans.

Checking in at No. 5 is the infamous 1988 Sugar Bowl tie between Syracuse and Auburn. The Orange were 11-0, and they needed everything to go right to have a chance at the national title. Auburn coach Pat Dye decided to kick a field goal with four seconds left rather than go for the win, a move that still enrages some Syracuse fans. And it led to the nickname Pat "Tie" Dye.

Some other notable ties with Big East, er, tie-ins:

1983: Pitt 24, Penn State 24: Pitt fans rushed the field thinking they'd won, only to learn there was time still left on the clock. The Nittany Lions then kicked a 32-yard tying field goal.

1985: Pitt 10, West Virginia 10 and 1989: Pitt 31, West Virginia 31. How is one supposed to feel about the Backyard Brawl when the brawl ends with no winner?

1990: Louisville 10, San Jose State 10. The Cardinals went on to win 10 games and beat Alabama in the Fiesta Bowl, but the season started inauspiciously with this deadlock.

1994: Cincinnati 17, Miami of Ohio 17. The Bearcats went ahead with a few seconds left only to have the kickoff returned for a touchdown.

1960: Pittsburgh ties three on. The Panthers couldn't stand inequality this season, going 4-3-3 with ties against TCU, Michigan State and Army.

1986: Rutgers 16, Kentucky 16. Don't ask me why, but I remember listening to this one on the radio as a kid and being frustrated with the outcome. Both this tie and a 1994 knot against Boston College kept the Scarlet Knights from possible winning seasons (or losing seasons, depending how you look at things).

1872: Rutgers 0, Columbia 0. Who can forget this game, right?

What other ties stick out at you from the past? And would you rather have a tie than lose the game in overtime?