The best selling points in the Big East

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Our recruiting folks have put together a handy-dandy guide to signing day that you can find right here. It's worth checking out. As part of that, as you'll notice on the bottom, we fearless conference bloggers were asked to name the best of our leagues in several categories.

Here's how I answered for the Big East. Several of these are highly debatable, for sure. I'd like to hear your thoughts on each, and I'll explain some of my more controversial choices:

Best recruiter: Doc Holliday, West Virginia

Best closer: Dave Wannstedt, Pittsburgh

Best facilities: Connecticut

Here's an answer I never would have dreamed of giving before I started covering the league in depth. But I've heard nothing but accolades about the Huskies' facilities, especially the Burton Family Football Complex.

Best stadium: USF (Raymond James Stadium)

Just hosted a Super Bowl and has a pirate ship. Good enough for me.

Best game-day atmosphere: West Virginia

Best chance to play as freshman: Louisville

The Cardinals need bodies in the worst way.

Best uniforms: West Virginia

Does any team in the league really have a classic, iconic uniform? I don't think so.

Best academics: Syracuse

The only private school in the league. According to U.S. News and World Reports' university rankings, Syracuse is tops in the Big East at No. 53 nationally. Pittsburgh is next at 58.

Best campus life: West Virginia

Most tradition: Syracuse

Pitt and West Virginia have arguments here, but I felt like the Orange's traditions have the strongest roots, going back to the Jim Brown days.

Most likely to get players to NFL: Pittsburgh

This was the toughest category for me, by far. I could have picked any number of schools. I went with Pitt because of the talent that's come through there, Wannstedt's close ties to the NFL and the pro system that the Panthers run on both sides of the ball.

Most exposure: Rutgers

Three words: New York City.