Bringing the pain in the Big East

ESPN.com is exploring the 50 most painful losses in college football history this week. A Big East game has already made the cut in the first 10 games to be revealed: Louisville's 28-25 loss to Rutgers in 2006 that spoiled the Cardinals' perfect season. That checked in at No. 45.

There surely will be more Big East teams involved in the countdown all week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I want to hear from you about the most painful losses you've ever experienced. What losses still feel like a punch in the gut, even if they happened years ago?

Send me your thoughts and experiences, and we'll discuss them later this week. Send your comments and memories to me before Friday. I'd like to hear from fans of all eight Big East teams. Everybody hurts, sometimes.

I know it's painful to remember some of these losses, but trust me: It's therapeutic.