Rutgers' Mount Rushmore

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Rutgers presents some unique challenges when tasked with determining the team's Mount Rushmore.

The Scarlet Knights played in the very first college football game in 1869, so there's a ton of history. But most of the history isn't very good, as the program went to only one bowl game before 2005. So it's tricky to decide between some of the ghosts of the distant past versus the men who've led Rutgers into prominence of late.

I'll give it a shot with these four nominees, mixing in a little old with the new:

Alex Kroll: A College Football Hall of Famer, Kroll was the captain of Rutgers' first undefeated season in 1961.

Paul Robeson: Can't say I ever saw him play since his collegiate days came during World War I. But he's another Hall of Famer who led the team to a 22-6-1 record during his career.

Greg Schiano: The coach who brought Rutgers up from years of mediocrity, or worse. Under Schiano, the Scarlet Knights have been to four straight bowl games.

Ray Rice: No other player had as big an impact on the program's revival than the star running back, who could legitimately be called the best player in school history.

Plenty of others of note here, including Mike Teel, Kenny Britt, Homer Hazel and George Foster Sanford. What would your Rutgers Mount Rushmore look like?