Greg Lloyd is UConn's game-week surprise

If Randy Edsall really wanted to be tricky, he could have simply let Greg Lloyd line up as the starting linebacker on Saturday at Michigan without telling anybody first.

Instead, Edsall let the cat out of the bag today, but it was still a big surprise. Lloyd, a senior whom Edsall had said would redshirt this season while recovering from a knee injury, was listed as the starter on the team's new depth chart. Edsall didn't say anything about it on the Big East coaches' teleconference this morning and said he'd address all depth-chart items at his Tuesday news conference.

Suddenly UConn has a lot more experience on defense, as Lloyd had 91 stops a year ago. (And Lloyd's inclusion on two awards' preseason watch lists now doesn't seem so out of place). Lloyd had been practicing this month with the third string, and he must have shown enough to convinve Edsall he was really healthy, after all.

Other notes from the depth chart: Michael Box is the second-string quarterback with Cody Endres suspended. Robbie Frey and D.J. Shoemate are listed as tied for the No. 2 tailback job behind Jordan Todman.

Adam Masters has held onto the left tackle spot, and Harris Agbor is ahead of returning starter Jerome Junior at one of the safety positions. The punter job remains a dead heat between Cole Wagner and Chad Christen. Backup quarterback Leon Kinnard is now listed as a second-string receiver.

At least for now. Who knows if Edsall has some more game-week tricks up his sleeve?