The battle for New York City

New York City might be the largest market in the country, but as a college football town, it's apathetic at best.

Several schools and others are trying to change that, as a Wall Street Journal article published Thursday details. Notre Dame and Army are playing in Yankee Stadium this year, and Rutgers is playing in the new Meadowlands complex. The Scarlet Knights have a Yankee Stadium game coming up, and Syracuse plans to hold several of its high-profile games in the coming years in East Rutherford, N.J. And of course, there's the New Era Pinstripe Bowl debuting this season.

Both Syracuse and Rutgers claim to be New York's team, while Connecticut has a stake there as well. And don't forget the "subway alumni" of Notre Dame. Even Miami is trying to tap into the city with a Yankee Stadium appearance.

Will New Yorkers care about any of these games or teams? That's the question the article poses. Not mentioned is the desire the Big Ten has to get into New York, which might affect the Big East if there's more expansion. Or the Big East's hopes of keeping the Big Apple as its own, including potential plans for a TV network based in Manhattan.

The article also has good quotes from Rutgers and Syracuse officials about how important New York is to them, and the Orange's plan to play 10 games in the New York City area over the next 20 years.

Looks like the nation's biggest city might also be the biggest battleground in college football