Stewart doesn't rule out Brandon Hogan return

Could Brandon Hogan return this season for West Virginia?

The cornerback has been suspended indefinitely since his arrest for DUI the weekend of the Marshall game. While that status has not changed, head coach Bill Stewart sounded like there's a possibility Hogan could be back.

Here's what Stewart said when asked about the situation on Sunday:

"Brandon Hogan is at the same status that he was and I will determine if that changes this week or the next, or the next. I just don’t know the timetable on that, to be honest, I’m going to see how he continues to work. He’s been very responsible lately and if he isn’t, he won’t be with us. As soon as I think he’s ready to play, whether it’s this week or next, he’ll be ready to play. I give our seniors a lot of input, but I, and I alone, will make the decision of when he comes back."

Stewart could face some criticism if he brings Hogan back. But he also knows the player better than anyone. There's also this to consider: Hogan is a senior, so if Stewart were to cut him loose now or not at least give him the possibility of returning, there might not be a way of helping him get his act together.

For now, it looks like the Mountaineers will continue to go with sophomore Pat Miller as the starter. Miller got burned for two long touchdown passes against Maryland, though on one of them a safety was supposed to help out.