Country roads heading to the Bayou

Win or lose, West Virginia is in for a special event on Saturday. There's nothing quite like the tailgating in SEC country, and a night game at Death Valley is the stuff of legend.

I'm excited about making my first trip to Baton Rouge, and I thought it would be fun to ask Mountaineer fans who were going to share their plans and thoughts. Here is a sampling of that. Make sure to also send me your experiences after the weekend is over:

Perry W from Morgantown writes: Headed down to Bourbon Street for 2 nights and then to Baton Rouge for the game! How can a student like me resist such a great opportunity!? Let's go Mountaineers! Heading down to LSU [Thursday night], driving straight through from Motown. Making a stop in N'awleans for the first night, gonna play some "Country Roads" in the French Quarter. Tailgating all day Saturday in Baton Rouge; hopefully it will help make that Cajun crowd a little more tolerable. My prediction: 24-20 WVU wins.

Jeremy S. from Dallas writes: YES SIR! Going to Baton Rouge on Friday morning. I'll be tailgating with some friends flying down from WV. We'll be amongst other Mountaineer fans. SEC country gets swamped (no pun intended. ... see Auburn last year) with WVU faithful. I expect at least 8-10,000 'Eers fans. We respect the SEC and their home stadiums, but we will be expecting to win this game.

Bryan from Fort Worth, Texas, writes: I am heading down to New Orleans Thursday to meet a couple of buddies coming down from Morgantown. Going up to Baton Rouge Friday night. I hear it's a "bucket list" kind of thing to go see a night game in Baton Rouge so I am pumped about it all (food, atmosphere, football game). No idea what we are doing on gameday though. Should be a blast whatever we do.

Mike S. from Beckley, W. Va., writes: Hey, BB, my brother & I will be making the trip on Friday. We plan on checking out Mike the Tiger's $4 million dollar digs. Then chillin out at Tigerland plaza before meeting up with some Tiger fans that we met on the blog-a-sphere for a tailgate. They say we will not leave hungry or sober. We also, made the trip to The Plains last year.

Kevin S. from Helena, Montana, writes: I lived in B.R. and taught at LSU for seven years and have been to games, though I remained a WVU fan first. WV native. Anyway, go to The Chimes, right off campus. Best bar food in the world and a million beers on tap. Corner of Highland and Chimes, just outside Northgate on campus.

Roland S from Baton Rouge writes: Just a note to the WV fans making the game here in Baton Rouge. First, we tailgate here. ... beginning about 6 to 12 hours before game time and fewer after the game. If the WV fans would like to join us in tailgating they are welcome (tell them to bring some fresh brew and come early). Second, they can leave the sweaters at home. The game temp will be in the 80's and in a stadium of 90K+ the temp will be considerably warmer than ambient. Third, bring your walking shoes. You will want to see Mike the Tiger in his habitat, the union, geology building, etc. and several tailgate parties. You will be welcomed at almost all. Fourth, invest in hearing protection. Death Valley is as loud as advertised. The continuous noise level far surpasses OSHA limits of 90 dbA, often exceeding 110 or higher (the same as standing behind a jet taking off). Fifth, smoking is permitted only outside the stadium and if you leave the stadium, you will need an unused ticket to return. Sixth, we drink a hell of a lot before the game because NCAA says we can't drink during the game. We hold our liquor well and appreciate those who do the same. Finally, we wish all that come to enjoy their stay regardless the game's outcome. GEAUX TIGERS!

Richie R. from Fairfax, Va., writes: I am a Mountaineer and my buddy and I will be making the drive down to LSU [Thursday]. We will be tailgating at the stadium, we will be meeting up with fellow Mountaineers and some LSU fans, we are excited to be going down to Death Valley. Our official play is to spend the night in New Orleans Friday night then drive to LSU Saturday morning and keep the party going. Nothing will make us happier then breaking LSU's home winning record. LET'S GO ...

Logan from Morgantown writes: My family and I do "Brothers Weekend" every year, which pretty much means my father, brother and I (and any MALE friends who want to tag along) go to a woman-free away game. This year is LSU. My brother has laid out a complete map of spots on Google maps, including all of the hotels us and our friends are staying at over the three days, and any bars or restaurants we plan on hitting up. We will be spending Thursday in New Orleans, and then heading to Baton Rouge. We will probably tailgate at the Atlana WVU alumni Tailgate, which is really close to a cool joint called Walk On's Bistreaux & Bar I hope to check out.

Donald B. from Morgantown: My roommate and I, who are both students at WVU, are leaving Morgantown sometime early Friday afternoon and plan on starting our tailgate session ASAP Saturday. We're not renting a hotel or anything of that sort, we're Mountaineers!

Chuck from Mequon, Wisc., writes: Headed to Death Valley to watch the Mountaineers. Invited to a tailgate near the corner of Nicholson & Skip Bertman Drive. Should be a great college football atmosphere. I've been advised by a loyal LSU fan to accept the "Tiger Bait" taunting in fun, as it is intended, talk nice to anyone cooking or opening an ice chest, and we won't go hungry or thirsty in Baton Rouge. Hope that advice works.

Vaughan from Cornelius, N.C., writes: Can't wait. Our group of WVU alumni is gathering in New Orleans early Friday. Gameday we have a 20 person limo that will take us to Baton Rouge so we can safely get a head start on tailgating.We are picking up some Cajun food, Bloodys, and maybe a voodoo doll for LSU's star cornerback. Already scalped front row tickets behind the Mountaineer bench. WVU is one of the best venues and is upper echelon in professional tailgating but if nothing else LSU has sheer numbers. Should be great. This game reminds me of the Sugar Bowl. Watch out for the Gold and the Blue.