Big East a no-show in the BCS standings

The second BCS standings are out. As far as the Big East is concerned, it might as well be a grocery shopping list.

To nobody's surprise the Big East has been shut out of the Top 25 of the standings. How could it be any other way, when no league teams are included in any major human polls? West Virginia was No. 20 last week but bowed out after losing at home to Syracuse.

It could be a while before another league team gains entry. If Syracuse were to win at Cincinnati this week to improve to 6-2, perhaps the Orange would gain some attention in the polls (though their computer numbers would still be weak). Pitt is playing better than anybody so far in league action, but the Panthers' three nonconference losses -- especially the blowout home defeat to Miami -- will resonate for a long time in voters' minds. West Virginia will have to get on a nice winning streak to knock the door down again.

Is this embarrassing for the Big East? Certainly. Will it look bad if the Big East's BCS representative is ranked very low or potentially not ranked at all? You bet. But as I've written before, the BCS standings have really no consequence for the league at this point other than public perception.

At least Big East fans don't have to wait breathlessly every Sunday for the new standings to come out. Perhaps you can use that time to go grocery shopping instead.