Cincinnati can't stay out of own way

CINCINNATI -- Remember last year when it took forever for Cincinnati to lose a fumble? The Bearcats almost never turned the ball over.

Turnovers are like injuries. They're unpredictable and seem to even out over the years. Maybe that is what's happening this year with Cincinnati.

The Big East's worst team in turnover margin has shot itself in the foot over and over again today.

The Bearcats came out in the second half with a really nice drive, picking up four third downs on the way to the Syracuse 6-yard line. But then Chazz Anderson inexplicably threw the ball right to Derrell Smith on the goal line, and Smith returned it to the Cincinnati 37. Anderson had a lane and it looked like he could run right into the end zone, but he threw it, and none of his teammates were near the throw.

And so it was another short field for Syracuse, which has done a great job of capitalizing on all three Cincinnati turnovers. This time, it was a touchdown pass from Ryan Nassib to Antwon Bailey for a 24-7 lead.

The new world order in the Big East appears to be taking shape, and Cincinnati has itself to blame for falling from the top.