Big East presidents to discuss future

The Big East presidents and chancellors are meeting Tuesday in Philadelphia. This is a scheduled meeting, and the next one is not until March.

Hmmm ... what do you think a main topic of discussion could be? The league doesn't divulge the official agenda, but it's no secret that expansion and membership issues will be high on the priority list.

The site of the meeting is interesting since Villanova is considering moving up in football and joining the Big East in that sport. Rev. Peter Donohue, president of Villanova, will likely be a popular guy this week.

The idea of adding TCU continues to be kicked around as well, along with old standbys like Central Florida and Memphis. The Big East needs to decide what kind of league it wants to be, and whether adding more than one team will help it get stronger. The poor performance of the conference in football this season, along with the still-looming threat of further Big Ten expansion, should have Big East presidents taking this matter very seriously.

I wouldn't expect any major announcements following Tuesday's meeting, and the league has tried to keep a lid on public expansion talk as much as possible. But the presidents and chancellors could decide on a course to follow in the near future. In a 16-team league where half of the schools don't play football, I can imagine these talks would be very interesting to hear.