Lindsey Lamar gives Bulls first-half spark

Louisville leads South Florida 14-10 at the half, but it would be worse if not for a spectacular kick return by Lindsey Lamar.

Lamar returned a kickoff 100 yards late in the half. It wasn't one of those returns where the guy makes one move and sprints all the way home untouched. Lamar had to weave his way in and out of traffic and follow his blockers.

That easily has to qualify as the best play of the half by anyone with a ball in his hands for the Bulls. USF has only 70 total yards and just 18 yards passing from B.J. Daniels. If not for Lamar's play and a shanked punt from the Louisville end zone by Chris Philpott that led to a field goal, the Bulls would probably be getting shut out.

The Cardinals have to be concerned that they're not leading by more given how well the defense has played. But if they can keep shutting down Daniels and the Bulls they should be on their way to bowl eligibility. Justin Burke is playing well for the second straight week in place of Adam Froman, tossing two touchdown passes in the first half. Bilal Powell has been limited to 31 yards so far on his return from injury, but the Louisville offense has more than twice as many yards as USF.