Louisville jumps on Rutgers

Rutgers has now given up 83 points in a little more than four-and-a-half quarters. Not that we're counting or anything.

Louisville has marched right down the field on both possessions so far, with each ending in a touchdown pass to Bilal Powell. It's 14-0, and the way both teams are playing, the lead seems like it's twice that big.

Cardinals quarterback Justin Burke is slicing through the Rutgers pass defense. And remember, this is a Louisville team that hasn't managed 160 passing yards in more than a month. Burke has all kinds of time, and the receivers are running free. The Scarlet Knights are a mess on defense right now, and the offense isn't much better.

Home fans are already booing Rutgers in the first quarter. If things don't change, the Scarlet Knights will be eliminated from postseason contention, while Louisville will clinch its first bowl spot since the 2006 season.